Is this where the soul lives?

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Is this where the soul lives?

This was my last case for 2015. The patient is a 68 yo man, who will be called Mr. M. Now, Mr. M is a boisterous man, full of something that’s not so much life as loudness, anger, and impatience. His voice is always booming, and he seems to never have the least regard for those around. My staffs are often weary of him. Why this is so could possibly be explained by his size; he stands at six feet five inches and is burdened by two hundreds and fifty pounds. He is often out of breaths. Anyhow, he had an innocent looking lump on his neck that has been observed and monitored with needle biopsy for years.

thyroid nodule


After all the years, Mr. M finally wanted to have this lump out. This lump was in fact a cyst his right thyroid gland. The cyst has been getting bigger. After the discussion of the risks and complications, which did not seem to faze him at all, he consented to have the surgery.

Easier than it seems

He underwent the surgery rather well. And here was his right thyroid gland.

Is this where the soul lives

The question is: Is this where the soul resides? And another question that follows: Is that why the man has been ill-tempered, boisterous to the point of rudeness, angry at times for no obvious reasons, impatient as though his time on earth is almost out?

The ancient wise men had thought that the soul resides in the heart, the pituitary gland, the brain, or even the thyroid gland; whereas the eyes have only been thought of as portal to the soul, not its place of habitat. Notice, however, that no one ever thought that the soul resides in the stomach, the tongue, or the gonads. Therefore, perhaps those, who seek only the satisfaction of the stomach, the tongue, or the gonads, have no soul.

At last, unhappily for Mr. M the pathology of this cyst showed papillary thyroid cancer, which means more treatment still. Could this cancer be the cause of a disturbance in his soul and thus explain his behavior? No one will ever know.

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