Undiscovered Self

The Undiscovered Self by C.G. Jung                   I ran across this little book. I was astounded by how much this book encapsulates the various themes in A M M. This book offers a method for understanding the world today. After having encountered thousands upon thousands of patients and seeing the level of their understanding of […]

Heart of Angel

Heart of Angel Just plain worn out the other day from writing too long, I went to the beach for a walk. And I saw. Boy, did I see?   An angel in flight. The wing spanned across the sky. A heart of gold. I couldn’t believe it. If I hadn’t been there to take […]

Writer’s block.

Writer’s Block   Sometimes, the block weighing down a writer’s creativity is considerable, and the writer feels like a child. No matter what he does, nothing seems right. Maybe, he should get away from the written words for a while. Find a desolate place to rediscover why he had bothered with it all in the […]

Is this where the soul lives?

Happy New Year to all.   Is this where the soul lives? This was my last case for 2015. The patient is a 68 yo man, who will be called Mr. M. Now, Mr. M is a boisterous man, full of something that’s not so much life as loudness, anger, and impatience. His voice is […]